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          Shimadzu Pesticide MRM Library Support for LC/MS/MS

          The Library contains information that can be used to accelerate method development in LC/MS/MS pesticide analysis

          Expanding Capabilities in Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis Using The LCMS-8060

          The expanded capability to help accelerate method development workflows and support increased pesticide monitoring programs

          Applying ‘MRM Spectrum Mode’ and Library Searching for Enhanced Reporting Confidence in Routine Pesticide Residue Analysis

          It was applied to quantify and identify 193 pesticides using 1,291 MRM transitions without compromising limits of detection, linearity or repeatability

          LC/MS/MS Method Package for Residual Pesticides Ver. 2 [Brochure]

          Pesticide Screening Analysis for 646 Pesticides in 10.5 Minutes
          LabSolutions Insight Library Screening [Brochure]
          Software  helps  with  screening  target components

          Using the Nexera UC Online SFE-SFC-MS System to Analyze Residual Pesticides in Agricultural Products

          An example of using the Nexera UC online SFE-SFC-MS system to analyze residual pesticides in agricultural products

          Analysis of Organophosphorus Pesticides Using Nexis  GC-2030

          An analysis of organophosphorus pesticides using Nexis GC-2030 equipped with the FPD-2030 was  reported


          *Veterinary Drugs

          Quantitative Analysis of Veterinary Drugs Using the Shimadzu LCMS-8050 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

          An example of the high-sensitivity analysis of 89 veterinary drugs in a crude extract of livestock and fshery products

          Multi-Residue Veterinary Drug Analysis of >200 Compounds using MRM Spectrum Mode by LC-MS/MS

          In this research, use of the MRM Spectrum mode was examined by quantifying and identifying 212 veterinary drugs


          *Natural toxins

          Analysis of Nivalenol, Deoxynivalenol, 3-Acetyldeoxynivalenol and 15-Acetyldeoxynivalenol Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS (LCMS-8050)

          The test methods specifed for deoxynivalenol are HPLC for both qualitative and quantitative analysis, and LC/MS for verifcation testing

          Multi-Residue Analysis of 18 Regulated Mycotoxins by LC/MS/MS

          A single LC/MS/MS method was developed and limits of quantification were at or below the maximum levels set in the EC/1886/2006 document

          Assay of Aflatoxin M1 in Milk Based on Notification Test Methodology, Using Prominence-i and the RF-20AXS Fluorescence Detector

          High sensitive analysis method of AFM1 in milk by HPLC with fluorescence detection was evaluated

          Analysis of Mycotoxins in Grain Using Mycotoxin Screening System

          The screening analysis for mycotoxins in grain products using the i-Series Solution Package mycotoxin screening system

          Mycotoxin Screening System (i-Series Solution Package) [Brochure]

          EU criteria concentrations of 10 mycotoxin components detected with high sensitivity in only 14 Minutes

          Analysis of Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxin Using Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS (LCMS-8050)

          Instrumental analysis of shellfsh by LC/MS/MS offers high sensitivity and accuracy, making it a highly effective analytical method



          Analysis of Residual Antimicrobials in Meat with Antimicrobial Screening System (Part 1)

          An example screening analysis targeting 12 widely used quinolones (old quinolones, new quinolones)

          Analysis of Residual Antimicrobials in Meat with Antimicrobial Screening System (Part 2)

          An example screening analysis of 12 antimicrobial target compounds including sulfanomides Antimicrobial Screening System (i-Series Solution Package) [Brochure] Screening of 24 synthetic antimicrobial compounds that remain in meat



          Analysis of Sulfamic Acid in Fertilizers Using LC/MS (LCMS-2020)

          Good quantitative results were obtained, confrming the applicability of this method using byproduct compound fertilizer as the actual sample

          Analysis of Nitrous Acid and Ammonium Thiocyanate in Fertilizers

          An example of simultaneous analysis of the nitrous acid and ammonium thiocyanate content of fertilizer by HPLC

          Analysis of Melamine and Its Related Substances in Fertilizers

          An example of pretreating and analyzing melamine and its related substances in fertilizer by HPLC



          Ultra-Sensitive and Rapid Assay of Neonicotinoids, Fipronil and Some Metabolites in Honey by UHPLC-MS/MS (LCMS-8060)

          A method for ultra-sensitive assay of neonicotinoids in honey was set up

          Sensitive method for the determination of Fipronil and its metabolite Fipronil Sulfone in egg using QuEChERS sample pretreatment and LC-MS/MS detection [LCMS-8060]

          High sensitive LC-MS/MS method with simplifed QuEChERS sample pretreatment was developed for Fipronil determination in egg



          High Sensitivity Analysis of Peanut Allergen in Cumin and Spice Mix (LCMS-8060)

          A method for the analysis of peanut allergen Ara h1 in spices and seasonings was successfully developed



          Fast and High Sensitivity Analysis of Six Preservatives in Beverages by UHPLC with Photodiode Array Detection

          A rapid and high sensitivity UHPLC method for quantitation of six preservatives in beverages was established



          Development of An UHPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Thirteen Bisphenols in Milk Samples

          An UHPLC system with a high sensitivity fluorescence detector was adopted to develop a fast and high sensitivity method to meet the requirements of regulations



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